Welcome To The Bryi's Dog Training

The Bryi's Dog Training offers in home training, remote training and online courses to help you and your dog.  From help selecting the breed that's right for you and your lifestyle, preparing for your new arrival to basic obedience, puppy training, loose leash walking and specific struggles we provide training solutions that work for your schedule.  Contact us today and start turning those STRUGGLES INTO STRENGTHS!! 

                      Meet The Trainer
Tracy is a certified Pro Dog Trainer through Absolute Dogs UK, a Fear Free Certified Professional, Dog Bite Prevention Educator and World Scent Dog Association Blue Level Instructor. She is a member of the Pet Professional Network, Pet Professional Guild, Association of Pet Dog Trainers and affiliate member of the International Association of Animal Behaviorists and Consultants. She uses evidence based training to get practical real life results. Tracy grew up surrounded by dogs and cats and has been working with dogs professionally for 10 years. Tracy has fostered many dogs for rescue organizations and the local animal shelter. Before moving to the US Tracy was a certified agility judge and Canine Good Citizen Scheme assessor with the UK Kennel Club and competed in agility. Tracy has a passion for helping rescue dogs and has a strong background in helping owners of working breed dogs in pet dog homes. Tracy shares her life with her husband Simon and dogs Ziva, Nell, Lara, Bella, Danae and Forest.

                                                                                      Who We Are
The Bryi’s Dog Training was established in 2013 and we provide everything from personalized training in your own home to online courses. Our trainer, Tracy is a Fear Free and Pro Dog Trainer certified and believes in setting your dog up for success. She uses science, evidence based and motivational methods including food and toys to help you train your dog. We are located just north of Houston, Texas but we can work with you no matter where you live thanks to our online solutions including complete courses and 121s. We currently offer in home training in The Woodlands, Texas, Magnolia, Spring, Conroe and surrounding areas. With our online options and customized training plans you can train at a time that works for you. Tracy is available to contact personally Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm central time.

                                                                                     How We Train

We used evidence based methods backed by scientific research including concept based training.  Concept based training focuses on the concepts your dog needs to thrive as part of your family. This will include working on:


We give your dog the skills they need to make the great choices!  GAMES BASED LEARNING: LET THE FUN BEGIN! Research has shown that learning can be improved by associating it with a positive activity.  What better way than to help your dog learn the skills they need through GAMES!! 

Games are typically short: just three minutes making them easy to fit into your schedule: you can even play a quick game while boiling the kettle!!!  By playing the games we will begin to reshape your dogs brain so that the choices we want them to make are the most obvious ones to them giving you the REAL LIFE RESULTS YOU WANT!

                                 In Home Training

 Training Designed For You

Do you find it difficult to get to training classes or find one that's exactly what you want? If so, in home training is for you. I come to your home and work closely with you and your dog to implement proven solutions that turn struggles into strengths. I know you have a busy schedule, so I will customize a plan that suits your lifestyle.

                             Remote Sessions

We Can Connect With You

We offer customized training via zoom so regardless of location we can help you. From help with puppy training to loose leash walking and much more we can help. This can be a good starting place for dogs that struggle with new people entering the home before transitioning to in home training sessions.

                      Online courses

Accommodating your Lifestyle

Currently offering:
 -A free recall boost challenge
 -A 6 week life skills course
 - An Introduction to Nose Work

This brings the benefits on a group class to your living room.  In the life skills course you get 5 exercises each week split into short videos but you have the choice to go at a pace that's right for your dog!
All courses are yours for life and you have access to additional support via Community  Support Groups.  Watch out for new courses coming soon!

     Training While You Work Or Play

        Training For Busy Schedules

Whether you are working long days or taking a vacation I can come to your home and train your dog while you are away.  I'll provide update reports and videos of your dogs progress!!

              Dog Walks Reimagined

         More Than Just A Dog Walk

Does your dog need some help: - with loose leash walking - ignoring those pesky squirrels -being calm around people or dogs  Or maybe you would love them to have an extra special enrichment walk where they get to explore.    Anything is possible with our Dog Walks Reimagined.  Contact me today for your personalized package!!

                        Everything Puppy

                 The A-Z of Puppy Training

When it comes to puppies we can help with everything from:
 - selecting your puppy
 -preparing tp bring your puppy home
 -the first 7 days
 -introductions to other family pets
 -potty training
 -crate training -home alone training
 -basic obedience
 -loose leash walking
 -puppy teething/biting

Online Courses

From boosting your recall to nose work there's a course to match your needs. Sign up today and let let the learning begin!

Learn At Your Own Pace

From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons.

Awesome Community

Join our community and connect with students from around the world who are just like you. Learn and share with the every growing community.